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Unlisted Phone Numbers

Unlisted phone numbers are always a problem if we want to search them or want to get the details of those unlisted phone numbers. But, things have changed a lot now due to introduction of computer and internet technology. Companies have now started keeping and maintaining the database of there customers. These databases contain not only the number and name of the customers but they also try to keep there other details also like, there residential as well as office address, employment status viz. they are self employed or doing service in any organization etc. If you want to get the details of unlisted phone numbers now then, you just have to contact any online service provider who provides reverse mobile phone lookup facility. Knowledge of distinguishing between different types of phone numbers is a must before moving to look for better unlisted phone numbers reverse search lookup facility. These different type of phone numbers are first personal phone numbers which are maintained by the customers for there private use only. They receive only personal or family members call only on these phone numbers.

Second category is the business related phone numbers, these numbers are always on display for general public because they are used in the promotion of some service or product. These numbers can be traced on advertisement columns of the news paper or any other mean used in the promotional activity. Third type of phone numbers is called unlisted phone numbers. This category has got its name from its nature of not getting any listing whether in private or business related activities. No any local directory too lists these numbers. But, as they are in use therefore they must be made available by some phone service providers and hence, those service providers must be maintaining the record of these number with them either in electronic or manual form.

As we have discussed earlier that computer technology is extensively in use now a days for the maintenance of databases therefore accessing these unlisted phone numbers with the help of service providers is not a big deal, although companies do not provide details of these unlisted phone numbers for free of cost. You need to send a written request to the companies highlighting the reason and urgency for which you need the details of these unlisted phone numbers then only these service providers will give you the details regarding these numbers.

Private phone numbers work very differently from other phone numbers. You have to make request the phone service provider that you want your to come under private category. If companies think that your request is genuine and there is no harm then they will put your number under private category. When you receive any call on your mobile or basic telephone and the caller ID displays the incoming number as private then you can understand that this number comes under private category as requested by the customer. Some unlisted phone numbers do come under this category and vice versa.

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