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Premium Phone Number

Premium Phone NumberPremium phone number are those numbers which does not come under normal category. Actually they are those numbers which come with certain special features attached with them and that’s why they are called as premium phone number. This special feature may be that this number may have some easy sequence so that they are easy to remember and so on. But one thing is very sure here companies do not provide these special numbers on normal charges. You have to shell out some extra money for getting this premium phone number. We are discussing here some of the special features attached with this premium phone number facility. One of the facilities is the method of billing or for that matter call charges. User has to shell out some extra money for every call received or made on these numbers. This extra charge is usually shared between the premium service provider and telephone service provider.

Another advantage attached with this premium phone number is that your number will always work as a local number where ever you may be traveling with your phone. Caller doesn’t need to use area code before making call on this number. This concept works in the similar manner in which a call center number works. Caller just dials your number and call operating just routs the call where ever your number is located. One more attracting available with this premium phone number is that the series from which this number is allotted is very unique and one of its kind. These numbers come under national number plan therefore you can easily differentiate this number from any other general number. Blocking service from accessing these numbers from your phone is also provided by the company. Actually this has been made a law that they will offer blocking facilities to these numbers when the same is asked for.

Some of the services accessed using these premium phone number are telephone based sex chat facility. Money paid by the caller on these special numbers are shared between the sex chat service provider and the telephone company on agreed sharing formula. One more service which use this premium phone number is online after sales support or technical support from different product or service provider companies. Some mass consumption based products like ACs, cell phone are sold by the companies from there sales counter and user has to contact a national number if they have any problem with the functioning of these equipments. This national number registering the complaint is a premium phone number. Some other services like prediction of weather condition in a particular geographical area or enquiring a product or service directory, launch of any educational or technical or for that matter general knowledge base competition or participation of voters for game shoes or TV shows etc. are managed using these premium phone number. But users dialing these numbers are warned that don’t try to dial any premium phone number or look a like number that boasts of providing you any service. Some times frauds have been reported by prompting users to call on these numbers.

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