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Phone Number Directories

Find out more about and read aboutPhone number directories are used to find out the details of a number i.e. whom this number belongs to, what is the address of the holder of that number, his name, his business activity etc. Some times phone number directories become helpful in knowing important numbers of public service utilities like blood bank number of the particular area, important hospitals, Municipal Corporation and other government departments. phone number directories also help in locating numbers of some important individuals whom we can contact in any emergency.

Earlier, when wide range of computerization has not taken place, we used to call the telephone service provider in that area to get the details of any particular number or person. They were managing the phone number directories of there customers. In this process, companies have to involve human work force to execute this job which has many limitations like they were not able to provide 24 hour service, operators have to look down through all the data to locate a particular detail which was very time consuming, some time load on the particular enquiry number is very high and people have to wait for long periods and some time there is no enquiry at all and operators are sitting idle. Human cost for running these manual phone number directories is also very high. But, now, with advent of computer systems and wide range of data management software, companies are not only providing the online enquiry system to locate the details of telephone number but they are also providing these phone number directories in printed as well as CD format so that any user can get the help himself rather then queuing up to the telephone service provider for getting his required detail from phone number directories.

After further advancement in database management technology, more and more advance system of phone number directories management system is coming into place. One of the noted developments is the introduction of interactive voice control system where, when a caller makes a call to phone number directories system, computerized system not only records voice of the caller but actively searches the data from its record and spells out the required information to the caller also. The most convenient part in introduction of this system is that this system can run for 24 hrs a day, no human cost involved and searching and locating the data from its phone number directories quite fast and accurate. With the further advancement and improvement in database management technology, companies are now categorizing the data in various categories like name wise, address wise, telephone number wise. Even one can search the database according to state and city area. Even one can search the data from these phone number directories according to business and service category. Recent development in phone number directories search is the introduction of mobile number search through World Wide Web. Within just a moment of calling on this number, you can get the detail of that particular mobile detail. This helps you in identifying the anonymous caller also.

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