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Online Phone BookOnline phone book or directory or white pages, yellow pages is a kind of collection of cell phone and other detail of persons who are limited to a particular geographical area and availing certain service or range of services provided by that particular company. The purpose behind that online phone book is that each of the members listed in this directory are ready to share there details by either the other members of that directory or for that matters by others also who are not listed in that online phone book but want to use the data of that directory.

Cell phones or mobile phones are considered the most powerful tool invented by mankind for there help. Similarly, technological advancement has enabled us in creating an online phone book for mobile phone search lookup facility. Very rarely it happens that you receive an unknown call on your caller ID using some mobile phone. There are various facilities or online phone book available to help you in identifying that anonymous caller. It has also been found that sometimes the number which we are looking on the online phone book may be landline number rather than a cell number. Some times, you or your partner might be receiving the anonymous calls which may be very prompting but can be very disturbing because that can damage the harmony of your personal life. Some companies have maintained the database with them for searching the details of these unknown calls and they provide the details on payment basis, but they will get your detail first then they will let you the required information for your need.

Some of us might take this online phone book service as unethical one but this was meant actually to safeguard the identities of our near and dear ones so that no blank call or unidentified caller can take the advantage of it. We must remember the difficulties only which we faced when this service of online phone book was not at our disposal. Now, we should go through into the details of another online phone book that is mobile phone lookup search facility. This can be used when you have a phone number but don’t know whom this number relates to or what is the address of that person who is using this number? This is also useful in the situation where you have number but don’t know the other details or forgot the background of that person whose number you want to use. What you need to do is to just go at this online phone book and put that number there, in a fraction of second, you will get all the details related with that number or person. This will also save you from the embarrassment of calling a wrong person using that number.

Some times we face problems when we want to run this service for getting the details of mobile numbers because directories available for free normally does not carry these details or if they do carry then they are restricted only to there respective business activities. But one interesting news here is that some of the websites are claiming to provide this facility of online phone book but they are not available for free.

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