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Mobile Phone Identifier

Mobile Phone IdentifierMobile phone identifier is a very special number which is allotted to every handset for accessing GSM based mobile service. This special number is a fifteen digit number allotted as serial number to every GSM handset. Manufacturers also allot a particular number to every handset as mobile phone identifier and that is called as IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment identifier number. This number gets automatically transmitted when network of the particular service provider asks for this as mobile phone identifier. This is such a unique feature that service provider can locate the where about of the handset if it is stolen or lost.

mobile phone identifier service can track the current position of the mobile user as well as phone using the mobile phone tracking facility even if the user is moving or in a stationary position. This tracking is performed by the nearby transmission tower of the mobile phone service provider company using mobile phone identifier facility. This tracking technology is so much powerful that companies can exactly pin point the location of the user and handset. This mobile phone identifier is mostly used by the security agencies in locating the person whom they suspect for committing terrorist activity or any anti national activity. Locating of a mobile phone device works on the principal that every handset emits signal to its near by base station and always remains in contact with the base stations. When a company wants to locate any particular handset they just read the signal received by nearest base station and locate the user. This is how mobile phone identifier technology works.

mobile phone identifier also includes an ESN number also called as Electronic Serial Number which is depicted on the chip by the handset manufacturing company. Whenever a call is made on that particular mobile phone, service provider’s office can validate the call using this mobile phone identifier technology. This electronic serial number is different from the IMEI number of the equipment. This identification number and ESN number can be checked using methodology of electronic mobile phone identifier system just to protect any illegal activity.

mobile phone identifier also helps in preventing mobile phone related frauds that can be categorized as illegal use, tampering with the handset to hide the identity or manipulating data of mobile phone or service. One of the industry estimates tells that mobile phone industry loses millions of dollars mostly in subscription related field. This fraud happens when a mobile user gives false customer information or wrong identity detail. One of the major concerns in this mobile fraud field is the cloning of a mobile phone. In this, software is used in creating an identical mobile handset from the original one now the user would be making the calls and doing illegal activity without the knowledge of original mobile phone user. Not only this, but every expense is also born by the original user while he has not made any such call. Actually, in the cloning process cloned handset gates all the valid mobile phone identifier detail from the original handset and hence even a service provider can not distinguish between a fake and an original handset.

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