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Mobile Paid SearchMobile paid search service has started gaining importance again after languishing in shambles for several long years. This option of using mobile paid search service for advertisement campaign for marketing activity is a very sensible option before us if we want to deploy the paid search facility. Here, in this discussion, we will be elaborating several ways to use the mobile paid search service for doing our marketing campaign on mobile. Using mobile as advertising tool is a very real option before us. The most important reason behind this is that people are becoming more and smarter handset savvy these days.

According to survey conducted by one noted agency, growth witnessed in mobile phone based marketing strategy is because we are getting improved devices after passing of every fortnight or month. These smart phones are providing us the facility of reaching to a large amount of database with an affordable cost consideration and fast accessing speed. People are also using these smart phones in their daily life and are ready for mobile paid search. This is not considered only a business option now a day. Spending on mobile marketing is increasing day by day and has doubled from last year to the year 2011. United states is alone witnessing growth of five percent year on year basis and it has been expected to touch the 10% figure in the coming years if this pace continues.

In common terms, mobile paid search is used similarly as any other search facility is used. Text messages and graphics are used on mobile search engines and their corresponding sites for promotional purposes. When a visitor goes through that mobile site and clicks the displayed ad, advertiser gets the payment of that display i.e. payment to the advertiser is calculated according to the number of clicks made on the ad displayed on that particular site. mobile paid search also works when concerned agency sends messages directly to the phone users and user reads that message. One thing must be noted here that methodology of mobile paid search is a bit different from traditional searches done on the web. They are discussed ahead. It is a sensible decision if we prepare separate ads for mobile campaigning. It helps in segregating the various mobile devices according to the kind of mobile sets used. We can tailor made these messages to suite the user.

Main things considered for mobile paid search is the intent of the mobile user. In general, mobile campaign best suites the low end products because people normally wants to go through the messages very quickly. mobile paid search works best for immediate actions like ring tone or music download, best restaurant near us for spending our evening time with our family members or for that matter ordering for a snack from nearby pizza hut etc. Targeting a particular mobile segment user for mobile paid search is also important because, when we are trying to promote something like some application download then we must select the particular mobile phone user segment which will be able to use these applications.

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