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Whose Number Is It

Whose number is itwhose number is it any way is the first question which comes in our mind when ever we get a call from any unidentified number on our mobile phone. This problem becomes severe when this unknown call comes when we are busy in some discussion or meeting and we are left wondering that whose number is it that is disturbing us frequently. Although our eyes lit up when we see a known number or hear a known voice from an unknown number. But, most of the time we are left scratching our head when we receive a call and don’t know whose number is it. It has also been noticed that some times calls are made just to disturb us and throw us in an embarrassing situation. whose number is it also comes in our mind when we are not expecting any call and want to be in an relax state of mind after completing our hectic work schedule of that day or for that matter we are spending our quality time with our family members. One thing is certain here that we want to get rid of whose number is it problem as soon as it starts bothering us a lot.

When we start thinking about this problem of whose number is it then we come across several reasons for that. One of the reasons might be that someone in our friend circle might be enjoying after making these calls or might be checking and confirming our mobile number using the method of whose number is it. Whatever may be the reason but still we become busy in looking for the ways to solve this problem and become comfortable from this problem. One of the best known methods for knowing whose number is it is the online telephone directory available on the internet. Here, we just have to put that number in the search box and press the search button, directory will give the every detail of whose number is it. One thing we must remember here that most of the online search services are charging some money in return of providing look up service for whose number is it. It has also been observed that many a time people change their existing number to avoid these unwanted calls but we should remember one thing very clearly here that if that blank call is coming from any person very close to us then he will certainly get our new number and start doing blank calls again and we will be left again scratching our head that whose number is it.

One more before us is that we should directly call the concerned number and ask the number owner that whose number is it and why he is doing such thing to harass us. We can ask our friend to do this favor for us. This process will be more effective if we use the service of a female friend if that blank call is coming from a male person and if that blank call is coming from a female person then we can ask our male friend to do that job. This is not a sure shot answer to this problem but in some cases it has been found effective.

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